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The mamalila Concept

One Jacket, Many Possibilities!


There are many ways to carry a child – in the belly, in front of the body, or even on the back. In all cases, as soon as it is time to go outside the question of a suitable jacket to protect the belly or the baby from bad weather arises. mamalila jackets can therefore be easily extended, thanks to their inserts, to become a maternity jacket or a babywearing jacket, and then without as a normal functional jacket – all in one.

“The idea is longevity and high usability, instead of fast fashion for a short period of time. For me, such a

high-quality, well thought through, versatile jacket is the epitome of sustainability.”

(Vicki Marx — founder of mamalila)

Product Highlights 2020/21


When developing a new product, we first think about its function. How will it be used? When and where will it be worn and what must it be able to do? That's why performance is one of the focal points of our collection. We attach great importance to wind and water repellent materials, breathable membranes, environmentally friendly impregnation and the right protection against the cold, which also ensures a pleasant climate within the jacket while babywearing.

Naturally Good

How important is the tactile, how something feels, with all that we wear! We perceive natural fibres and organic materials with all our senses and as distinctly pleasant, they create a special connection.  Therefore the second focus of the mamalila collection is on natural textiles such as organic cotton and boiled wool. They not only feel extremely good, but also have a number of excellent properties - wool, for example, is naturally dirt and water repellent and temperature regulating. And they support our efforts to bring sustainable products to market and reduce the use of plastics.

A Jacket That Works

That’s What We Stand For

mamalila Funktion

• waterproof / water-repellent

• windproof

• breathable


• organic cotton

• pure wool/ boiled wool

Sustainable & Responsible

• organically farmed

• recycled materials

• FC- und PTFE-free

• CO2-neutral

• fair production


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We Look Forward To Hearing From You!

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...or visit our in-house showroom

Come by and experience product highlights live and in colour, and afterwards we can take a look behind the scenes at mamalila together.

Susan Meade

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